Incentives and motivational programmes

According to the Oxford dictionary
incentive –
something that encourages someone to action or increased effort
motivation – provide with a motive for doing something, stimulate the interest of

A well designed and carefully prepared incentive programme should

  • Increase productivity as well as service levels
  • improve morale by engaging members of staff
  • Make employees feel valued
  • Improve effectiveness in the work place
  • Lead to innovative behaviour
  • Provide management with an additional tool to manage employees
  • Promote a friendly competitive spirit amongst personnel while improving teamwork
  • Assist in staff retention as well as recruitment
  • Allow managers to control product bias as well as company procedures
  • Above all “pay for itself” with increased profitability

incentives and motivationIEM have gained a reputation amongst its clients by creating unique incentive programmes for employees and clients of companies across a variety of industries.  We have instances of incentivising an entire company from switchboard operators to top sales people, as well as specific groups within the company eg sales force.

We have experience in

  • Creative planning and design of programmes
  • Communication, monitoring and reporting
  • Budget control
  • Unusual and exciting ground programmes
  • Ground activities
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Delegate gifts
  • Welcome packs
  • VISA applications
  • Reward fulfillment

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